I do these things on a freelance basis:

~ Event/Experiential/Creative Producer

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Sample of recent projects below.

I pair organization with creative to bring (sometimes very complicated) projects to life on-time and in-budget. For studios, brands, media companies, and anyone in & out of the inbetween. In the last year I’ve also done private events in people’s homes, one-off one-day events, a press junket, even a wedding! When it comes to experiential branded or marketing events, a lot of times my clients haven’t done anything exactly like this before. That’s kind of my favorite place to work from. 😎
I believe it’s important to understand a client’s goals and realities when bringing experiential to life, but to also push the creative as far as it can possibly go so that it’s not only successful from a brand perspective but also suuuuper rad for attendees. End philosophical digi soap box mini rant. (or mini rant to be continued over coffee… ? 😜 )

~ Voiceover/Actor

Recent projects:
Singer, Lyrics (co-write) for Bend Goods

~ Original Score/Demo’ing & Music supervision

Singer/gun for hire.

Sample of experiential projects in the last year (2018-2019):

For Disney: Mickey: The True Original Exhibition
A 16,000 sq ft art exhibition featuring new works, Mickey Mouse archives, photo moments and merch @ a custom space in Meatpacking District, New York City
In-house project hire with Disney Consumer Products on the Franchise Marketing team for Classics (Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse) in Glendale

For Netflix: The Umbrella Academy - Red Carpet Premiere & After-Party in Los Angeles @ Arclight/NeueHouse & Toronto @ TIFF/The Drake
Lead producer for MKG

For NBC Universal/Blumhouse: MA - an immersive horror theatre house-party-kegger-themed film marketing party @ The Beckett Mansion in West Adams
Producer for IHEARTCOMIX

Daughters of Wolbachia:

A short film Directed by Ariel McCleese
Produced by Alex Rose & Ariel McCleese

Full credits on IMDB

About Daughters of Wolbachia:

The Wolbachia bacterium is transmitted in arthropods through female sex cells. There are four types of dissemination to produce the maximum number of hosts: feminization, asexual reproduction, embryonic death, and male killing. Whole insect populations have been made female through the infection. Bacteria spreads.

Daughters of Wolbachia follows the Infected, the Uninfected, and the Transformed, a family governed by a bacterial matriarch. As the Infected and the Transformed join together to pass on the legacy of their infection, the Uninfected intervenes, threatening to reestablish patriarchal order. Wolbachia, and her daughters, must fight to secure their domination over man once and for all.

The film was shot by an all-female crew on location in a research facility nestled in the surreal rock formations of Yucca Valley, California. Bringing together women in film, fine art, dance, and poetry, this project is the result of deep collaboration and shared commitment to feminist stories.

Daughters of Wolbachia is the directorial debut of Ariel McCleese, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. With a background in fine art, Ariel makes work about feminism, insects, and horror. Ariel learned about the Wolbachia bacteria while researching sex differentiation in lepidopterous insects at a vision lab using butterflies as research subjects. Ariel lives and works in Los Angeles.

 Email me if you’d like a link to watch on Vimeo 🦠🦋🦠



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